Wētā Trailer

Wētā Sydney Lightweight Trailer with Aluminium Ramps

Combi trailers and trailers with chocks under the axle of the trolley may seem like a great idea on paper, but without an additional rear support, the long overhang of the stern from the cradle of the aluminium boat trolley, can lead to the trolley bending at the axle because of road impacts.
To combat this, Wētā Sydney supply a lightweight platform trailer and ramps which allow the trailer suspension, trailer wheels and trolley wheels to combine to absorb road impacts – this has been a proven combination over many road miles up and down the East Coast of Australia.
This Australian made trailer is fully galvanised and comes with 13″ wheels, winch bar, winch, jockey wheel, aluminium ramps (220Kg load per ramp), 18mm marine ply boat platform (ideal for adding load anchors), LED lights, (rego extra).
All components are adjustable on the draw bar to enable you to get the balance right.
GVM 750kg, Tare weight 120kg, Max payload 630kg.
Dimensions: W1770 x L3658mm

Loading the boat onto the trailer

  1. Unfold the ramps and set them so they are lined up with the edges of the platform.
  2. Unravel the winch hook and rest the hook in the middle of the platform
  3. Line up the boat on the trolley so the wheels are lined up with the ramps and bring it forward so the wheels are touching the ramps. Attach the winch hook which should be conveniently located to reach the trolley upright. Push the hook through between the rubber stopper and the V-chock on the trolley upright and hook onto the webbing.
  4. Use the winch handle to pull the trolley onto the trailer using your free arm to steer the front of the trolley so the bow is kept clear of snags.
  5. Tighten the winch until the trolley is held tightly against the roller of the winch bar so that the bow rises keeping the trailer clear of the drawbar*. 
  6. Secure the safety chain around the trolley*.

*TIP: Consider adding  Webbing Protector sleeves to protect the webbing of the winch on the sharp edges of the trolley and prevent the safety chain from cutting into the aluminium of the trolley.

Securing the boat for a short journey
To avoid damage to the trolley, always tie the boat to the trolley and then the trolley to the trailer.
Secure the main hull to the trolley using the rope trolley ties at the stern and at the bow, secure the amas by taking the mainsheet over the tramps, through the coiled stays on top (you can leave the side stays attached to the amas to save time) and attach the mainsheet hook to the cunningham hook then tighten and secure with the mainsheet cleat. Then secure the trolley to the trailer at the bow and with two ropes from the axle to the rear corners of the trailer so it is kept centred on the platform.

Securing the boat for for longer journeys
NOTE Don’t use ratchet straps over the boat and attach them directly to the trailer – it can lead to scratches in the gelcoat or cracks.
Instead, take a 4m (min) long ratchet strap and lay the ratchet in the middle of the bow with padding underneath. Then take the end down between the gunwale and ama, under the ama support on the trolley and up over the deck, repeat on the other side of the boat and bring the end back to thread through the ratchet on the deck. Tighten the ratchet so the amas are seated firmly but don’t crush them. Pad under the strap ratchet and where the straps go over the gunwales.  
Trampolines have been made transparent for clarity
Securing the ramps
The folded ramps will fit under the trolley with the boat loaded.
TIP Add a large rubber mat or carpet to the platform surface to prevent the ramps rattling
Attach pad eyes along the centre line of the platform, one 30cm from the front edge and the other 30 cm from the rear edge.
Secure the ramps with ratchet straps or 4x 48cm EDPM rubber Quick Ties   which are more abrasion resistant, stronger than shock-cord ties and quicker to fit than ratchet straps (Mitre 10 sell a 50cm EDPM quick tie with a protective sleeve which helps protect the rubber from the sharp edges of the ramps) .
Places the ramps so they are against the inside of the trolley tyres either side as this helps to stop them rattling, now hook your quick tie or ratchet strap from the pad eyes to the corner loop on the trailer. Repeat for the front and rear straps of both ramps.
What can happen if you use chocks or remove the trolley wheels.