New Boats

Standard Colours are White or Grey.  Gennaker colours are pink, orange, red, yellow, blue, lilac and black (*subject to availability).  

Gennaker Colours

Pink, Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue, Lilac, Black

NOTE: I can only supply to Australian addresses in NSW and ACT.  Find the dealer for your area here

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Wētā dealers can provide a lightweight flatbed trailer with aluminium ramps, which is a easy to tow for a normal car and a proven combination against road impacts.

Square Top Mainsail
The original Pinhead 8.3SqM Mainsail is ideal for lighter sailors, training and stronger winds.
The Square Top 9.3 SqM Mainsail is better for racing in winds up to 25 knots, lighter winds and  sailing two-up.
The Australian Weta Class Association allows you to use either sail for racing. 

Self Tacking Jib Kit
Allows faster, easier tacks and gybes by freeing up your hands to concentrate on making a good tack (includes track, sail and fittings). The track is now built into the mold for new boats. Kits are available to install on boats without the molding.
Twin Tiller Extension Kit
Allows for “hands-free” tacking since you can just drop the active tiller extension and cross the boat to pick up the other one (includes an additional tiller and all fittings).

Beach Wheels
Wide balloon tyres make it much easier to launch and retrieve the boat in soft sand or mud. The kit includes wheels, axle extensions* and fittings.
The wheels have Stainless Steel bearings which will make moving the boat easy for most applications. If you have very soft sand or mud to deal with, or a steep ramp, an HWMP bush is available which reduces friction even more.
* some older boats may have difficulty removing the original axle stubs due to corrosion, in which case the solution is to bolt on a complete new axle available as a kit.

Boat cover
 Waterproof or High UV resistant cover
The High UV resistant cover is recommend if you are going leave the boat outside in sunlight for long periods. (Currently unavailable – we recommend the 4-4.6m Heavy Duty Speedboat cover from Whitworths Cat.No:  14276)

Additional sail options
Dacron Furling Jib:
Allows you to easily depower – ideal for sailing with kids, in very gusty/crowded/narrow areas or for long-distance events/cruising.


8.3SqM Dacron Mainsail
For teaching, lightweight sailors, sailability or cruising.

Carbon bow tip protectors
If you sail where there are moored boats, mooring bouys, docks or other floating debris, you’ll need these to protect the fine bows from damage.
Available for floats (pair) or main hull

​For information, demo sails, new boats, spares and support outside NSW or ACT contact one of the Australian Wētā Dealers below:

Wētā Victoria (VIC, SA, WA, TAS) Colin Bresnahan M: 0481 33WETA (+61 (0)481 339382) E ​FB WētāVictoria
Wētā Queensland (QLD & NT) Glenn Foley Ph: 0429 009 227 ​E: FB QueenslandWētāTrimarans

For boats, spares and support outside Australia see the “where to buy” page here.